The Family

Terry BradshawThe Bradshaw family purchased the farm in the summer of 2001 and renamed it JTB Christmas Trees in honor of Terry's late father, James Thomas Bradshaw.

For a few years Terry and Shari Bradshaw had their two sons help out around the farm, but now that both sons have grown up they have family and friends help out with the Christmas season. It's a great way for the kids to enjoy their winter break and provides a traditional holiday atmosphere that most people don't get to experience anymore because of busy schedules, modern technology, and constant travel.

In this fast-paced modern world, Christmas can be hard for some people. Trying to make time to enjoy the holidays and spend time with your family can be stressful, sometimes it might even feel like a chore. But there will always be little moments when we are reminded of what the holiday is all about.

Shari BradshawThe Bradshaw family believes in the Christmas spirit. It's the feeling of warmth you get when helping someone find the perfect tree. The sense of accomplishment your family gets from doing something together. Picking out a tree with family and friends is a time honored tradition since Christmas first began.

Come out to JTB Christmas Trees to see what we mean. Enjoy the fresh air, the Christmas music, and spend a little time with your family this holiday season by visiting ours.